The restaurant chain Nando’s has locations all over the world. It’s a Portuguese chicken restaurant that originated in South Africa but has been enthusiastically and devotedly embraced by the UK culture. I’m not entirely sure that I comprehend it, either.

A Londoner is currently attempting to eat at every Nando restaurant worldwide. Because Nando’s is so deeply embedded in our society, the term “cheeky Nando’s” has been adopted into our vocabulary. It has sparked humor, music, art, memes, and more. Prince William like Nando’s as well.

What, then, is this natural force? Flame-grilled peri-peri chicken is offered at Nando’s. Chickens are marinated in a hot sauce called peri-peri. You can choose a moderate lemon and herb marinade or have your chicken marinated in various Peri Peri spice heat levels. The chain’s bottles of several peri-based hot sauces, which guests may serve themselves, are one of its main selling points.


Greggs began as a bakery but today focuses on the market for eating on the go. They also sell hot, savory baked products and cakes, sandwiches, and salads.

Despite their tremendous popularity, I don’t believe anyone outside the UK is familiar with them. Without understanding the pleasures of a steak bake or sausage roll, the world goes about its business in ignorance.


The kebab is yet another dish that Londoners enjoy. Kebabs are a staple in our culture and are consumed from lunch through dinner. Every civilization has some form of “drinking food.” This meal is paired with alcohol, eaten following a night out, or eaten in the morning to combat the inevitable hangover.

In London, the kebab is the meal you pick up on your way home from a night out. Most kebab businesses stay open well into the night, long after many other options have closed. So, after a night at the bar, please stop by the kebab shop to taste our culture (coated in chili sauce)!