In this page, you will find all the most frequently asked questions about Patio London. Feel free to explore this page in order to learn more about our restaurant and about our offerings.

Patio London — FAQs

What is Patio London?
Patio London is a restaurant found in a suburb of London that specializes in Polish food. We are the most well known Polish restaurant in all of London run by the husband and wife team of Antoni and Lena, a Polish couple who have maintained their residency in the UK.

Why should I go to Patio London?
For the food of course. Patio London is well-known for the kind of food that we prepare. We are known for providing only the very best comfort food, whether you are after the mains/entrees, salads and starters, pasta, desserts and sweets and more. With us, you can never want for anything because we have it all for you.

What are your prices like?
Patio London is known not only for our great food but also for being very affordable. The food in London is generally priced very steeply. But with Patio London, we can assure that our food and offerings are generally affordable and priced just right.

What are your best food choices?
Oh we definitely have lots. Name a popular Polish dish and we are sure to have it. If not, we can always make it for you because our kitchen is well-stocked with only the best Polish ingredients. But we strongly recommend, especially if it is your first time to visit, that you try our Chef’s Special. We offer a different special on a daily basis so there is always an element of surprise. In fact, the Chef’s Special is something that our regulars always look forward to. Try it now.