This page is dedicated to all of our customers who have remained loyal to us through the years. We would like to seek your feedback on us so that we can continuously improve our food and service. Feel free to post here what you think about Patio London. Our only request is that you refrain from using sexist, discriminatory and rude language. Thank you so much.

Tarra, 30

I always bring my family to Patio London. We love the food, especially the freshly baked breads that always come straight from the ovens. What’s more, they always have great offerings. Whenever I go there, I always order the day’s Chef Special and I just let them surprise me with whatever they have. You see, I always love getting their happy surprises.

Marc, 32

My first date with my now wife was in Patio London. I actually feel that I won her over with the great food that is being offered in this restaurant. And on an almost weekly basis, we always go back to Patio London. We definitely had a lot of good memories in this restaurant. But of course, the best thing here is always the food. I hope to continue coming back.

Henry, 45

I love going again and again to the Patio London. I have negotiated a lot of business deals here and all of them have turned out successfully. I believe that Patio London has been my good luck charm. The food is great and the service is amazing. This is why I always wow my clients when I bring them here. Please keep up what you are doing.

Samantha, 20

Patio London is my go-to place with my girlfriends, especially if one of us is celebrating or nursing a heartbreak. You see, Patio London always serves the best comfort food.