About Us

Thank you so much for visiting the Patio London website. We hope that you have taken the time to browse through our website and seen for yourself the mouthwatering food that we offer.

Patio London — About Us

Patio London started as a small restaurant in a London suburb. It is very quaint that you will not even realize that it serves the best cuisine in the whole of London because of how small it is. But once you walk in and smell the amazing aromas and see how packed it is, you will truly realize what makes it different from all the other restaurants in London.

Patio London was started by a Polish couple Antoni and Lena. The two met in London as culinary students. They studied and trained together and later on fell in love. However, the couple did not really start their culinary journey in London. After school, both of them traveled the world. In fact, they both got jobs in the Middle East where they honed their culinary crafts. However, their love for Polish food really stayed with them that whenever they had the time, they really try their best to develop updated recipes from traditional Polish dishes.

When they went back to London after several years of working abroad, they opened the Patio London. The couple simply wanted British people to experience the warmth and comfort that Polish food provides. Because of the amazing Polish dishes that the couple serve, in time, Patio London become quite well known and amassed its following.

Today, Patio London is seen as some sort of institution when it comes to Polish cooking. A visit to London is never deemed complete without eating at this small restaurant. Just remember to always book a table when you want to visit so that you won’t have to wait outside the restaurant. We always have long lines.