Serbian Delicacies You Must Try

Serbian Delicacies You Must Try

Serbia cuisine is known to be delicious and has its irresistible charm. This is the reason you must taste some of their delicacies. The Serbians believe in hosting others and giving them tasty food and a comfortable place to sleep. Here are some that you must try:


Sarma is a popular Serb dish, and you will find it in any serbian restaurant in Miami. It is made of pickled cabbage, rice, and minced meat.


But, ingredients vary, and it can also be made with minced fish and vine leaves. When the components are altered, it is referred to as Sarmica. The original Sarma is spicy rice, and meat rolled up in sour cabbage leaves and served with sour cream.


Cevapi is a typical Serbian food. The word cevapi is plural for cevap because this meal is served in ten portions. It is made of grilled meat, served with chopped onions.

This makes it tasty, but those who smell your breath after the dish might not be impressed.

Karadjordje’s steak

Karadjordje’s steak, a Serbian cuisine that was first made by Mica Stojanov, a famous chef known to cook for powerful people such as Gaddafi, Tito, and Queen Elizabeth II. It is rolled pork with kajmak inside it and then breaded before betting fried. This food is served with tartar sauce and potatoes.

Karadjordje’s steak

Serbian Salad

Serbian salad is prepared with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and seasoned with hot pepper and olive oil. This salad is an excellent accompaniment for roasted meat and other dishes.


If you are looking for a homely dish, prebranac is the best Serbian cuisine to savor. Serbians love it during winter and serve it with sausages or bacon. It is tasty, and every bite is delightful.

Serbian dishes in Miami will make you feel at home. The portions are significant and the taste worth trying out.

Enjoy Polish food at Patio London

Enjoy Polish food at Patio London

Who wants to experience the best cuisine that London has to offer? As a cosmopolitan megacity, London has everything that you can ever want when it comes to food. It has various restaurants catering to all kinds of tastes and culture. However, know that the best restaurant in London cannot be found near the River Thames nor in the glitz of the West End. Rather, the best restaurant is tucked in a charming London suburb and simply known as Patio London.

If you want to experience the food that Patio London offers, do not hesitate to leave your car se-cured in your garage door in Glendale and fly all the way across the pond where you can mingle with the British and enjoy only the best that the United Kingdom has to offer.

Patio London offers Polish cuisine. This is because its owners have originated from Poland, met in London, and just wanted to show to the British what makes Polish food hearty and comforting.

Polish food is mostly made up of meat such as pork, chicken and beef with a sprinkling of some vegetables, herbs and spices. What makes it unique is the use of cream and eggs in a lot of dishes. Know that special Polish food take a lot of time in its preparation. In fact, Polish food can even take days in preparing.

So what kind of food does Patio London offers? Well, we definitely have lots.

Our meats are cooked in various ways. We have roasted, stewed, grilled mutton, pork, chicken and beef. Some samples of our cuisine include the Kurczak Pieczony, Filet z dorsza, Karkowa, Golonka, Schab Faszerowany, Ryba Smazona, Losos and more.

We have lots of pasta types in our cuisine. These include the pierogi which looks like dumplings but with sauerkraut and mushrooms, the pyzy or potato dumplings and even the fried potato which is referred to in Polish as placki kartoflane.

Side dishes and salads
Aside from all the entrees and main courses, there are of course the salads and side dishes. These include various options such as the Salatka, Kopytka, Mizeria, Kapusta Zasmazana and more. We also offer breads since this is definitely part of the Polish dinner table. In fact, our breads are baked fresh everyday and are distinctive due to its very crunchy crust and soft core.

Desserts and Sweets
The best things that you should never scrimp on when you visit the Patio London are of course their mouthwatering denserts. Patio London offers cakes called Mazurek, Makoweic, Sernik, among others. Plus, they even have pancakes such as the Racuchy, candies such as the Krowki, jellies like the Kisiel, puddings like the Budyn and more.

Whatever kind of food that you want, you can definitely find it here at the Patio London. And you know what the greatest thing? You can have the food at the most affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Patio London now and help yourself to awesome Polish food in the heart of the British capital.